Top 5 Fabrics Used for Prom Dress

When prom season is just around the corner and you are still not clear what wardrobe to raid? Then since fashion gurus study the fabrics for dress styles, why not just learn the top five fabrics used for prom dress? You would be also an expert on prom dress selections if you know something very professional. Read on for more and you will be surely rewarded.


This is a fabric made of silk or a blend of silk and polyester or acetate. It is a fabric woven to be sheen on one side and dull on the other side. Probably the most popular used fabric for pretty dress styles, satin is much cheaper than silk and is organized beautifully to dress up any girl. Stiffer, this fabric works well for holding the shape of an A-line or fuller skirt. And for sure satin is used everywhere on the dress.


This is a traditional fabric from prom dress. It has no sheen or a crisp hand. Heavier than satin and usually done in fine tissue weight, taffeta fabric is widely and commonly applied to winter prom dresses. It lends itself very nicely to gathering. Taffeta prom dress styles are spotted mostly in winter.


This is really a pleasing fabric to eyes. It creates a romanic flavor to the look. Gathered chiffon prom dresses or ruffled chiffon keen length prom dresses are popular with girls as the fluid draping and the floaty look will make a very impressive appearance on the dance floor. Chiffon is made of silk and a synthetic fiber such as polyester. Due to its sheer and flowing appearance, chiffon dress styles are great for summertime.


Very similar to chiffon, organza is one of the widely used fabrics from prom dresses either. However, it has a crisp hand instead of a fluid drape. It is also made from silk. Organza dresses are traditionally choices and a halter organza knee length dress with a colored sash will be a feast to all eyes on the spot.


This is a fine, starched netting made of silk, nylon or rayon. This ethereal fabric is often used for the skirt of prom dresses. Think of the ballerina dresses. The light and graceful skirt made of tulle will act in cooperation with the movements perfectly on the dance floor.

To be honest, you will find a number of prom dresses made of these fabrics. And actually, you will even find some beautiful creations for prom look at the price even under $100. If interested, check for more at!