Taking a 1 Week Vacation

The last couple of weeks have been pretty slow, with no new jobs at all. Not surprising considering that last year was exactly the same. So I thought, why not make use of the free time and travel somewhere I haven’t been before? Said and done, it only took me 30 minutes to decide where […]

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The Beauty of Macro Photography

Simple everyday things like butterflies and insects make interesting topics when viewed from a really close range. Optimizes lenses that are mounted on cameras allows photographers to take pictures of different subjects in great detail. Most camera models have a macro mode that allows for shooting small subjects in a narrow range. Usually the standard […]

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Taking Nature Shots

Nature is one of photography’s greatest themes. You can capture it everywhere and the variety of subjects that is limitless. In the city, public parks, zoos, gardens and verandas all offer a wonderful opportunity to photograph nature from a unique perspective. But if you want to capture scenes that are similar to the ones that […]

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