TripAdvisor really sums up the Haliburton experience perfectly:

Haliburton, Ontario, is a popular tourist destination full of beautiful lakes and cottages. Haliburton County is also known as the Haliburton Highlands, due either to its geographical similarity to the Scottish Highlands, or to the Scottish ancestry of the area’s founders. The lakes and rivers in the area dominate, but there is also a thriving arts and cultural scene which also helps to make Haliburton a great destination for a family holiday. About three hours drive out from Ottawa, or two hours away from Toronto, Haliburton offers a great opportunity for a laid back holiday – hiking around the lakes, fishing, generally relaxing.

This incredible community located just outside Toronto, Ontario offers everything from fine dining to elegant family cottages and even couples only resorts. You can spend your days sitting beside Eagle Lake or hiking one of the many trails that surround the area. If you’re ever in Northern Ontario I highly encourage you to visit Haliburton.